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Praise For CCS Pup From Recent Adoption!

Adoption Day!

“Hi Jon - I had hoped to send this note to you on Lucy's birthday as that was such an exciting day for us, but life got in the way. Even though I am late, I won't let it water down the purpose or enthusiasm of this note...We cannot possibly, EVER, thank you enough for this wonderful, beautiful, amazing dog. We fell in love with her the day we brought her home nearly a year ago, but with each passing day, our hearts are moved and we love her even more.
Her temperament is beyond belief.  She is kind, gentle and careful. Her physical appearance is so stunningly gorgeous that people literally stop us wherever we are to comment and tell us how gorgeous she is. Even when they have their OWN dogs!  :) 
She is brilliant - smarter than us, clearly, and each day we realize her capacity to learn is so great. It is (honestly) only our capacity that is holding her up.  :)  We are doing our best to find ways to keep her entertained and engaged and love that we are a part of her growth and education. We hike with her; walk with her; play with her; and yes, she sleeps on the bed. I don't care; I can't imagine what life was like prior to this loving, cuddly, 80 lbs. stretched across my legs. Thank you, Jon, for providing our family with such an amazing gift. Our lives would never have been this rich without her.”

“Crystal Creek Shepherds provided us with exceptional information about the breed prior to our final decision. Once the decision had been made we were consistently re-assured that it was a great one through the amount of information given and the time Jon spent with us. The amount of time spent with a potential adoptive family is only surpassed by the amount of time spent with each puppy and the exceptional personalities this developes. Our puppy was fully exposed to everyday, common items such as the lawn mower, vacuum cleaner and noisy children running around. His personality is unequaled. He is a perfect fit into our family.  Crystal Creek Shepherds breeds dogs that are truly one of kind.”

“We contacted and visited breeders and finally purchased our puppy from Crystal Creek Shepherds. We were pleased with the assistance that we received throughout the selection process. The breeder spent time with us, asking what we were looking for to best fit our needs. The puppy that he recommended certainly matches what we were looking for to best fit our needs. We have had our puppy for 2 months now and we can only say that Crystal Creek’s dogs are truly amazing and a joy to have in the family.  I would recommend purchasing a puppy from Crystal Creek. They truly care about their dogs.”

“Sasha was purchased March 1, 2000 and was one of Shahala’s pups.  She is Beautiful! I always get compliments on her when we are out in public. She once climbed a ladder to be with me when I was on the roof!”     ...B.N.

“Our beautiful dog, Ceasar, turned 1 year old in August and we love him more each day! He has a wonderful temperament and learns very quickly.”    ...J&J B.

“Thank you for responding so quickly and thoroughly. I really appreciate your imput; you're the expert!  We can tell that you care about the pups and the breed. We wouldn't want to work with a breeder who didn't.    My husband and I are dog lovers and have been looking forward to the right time to purchase one. I love German Shepherds and have dreamed of having one of my own for a long time.  We will give this pup a great home and family!  At least the pup comes with lots of instructions; my babies didn't! We hope to visit this weekend on late Sunday afternoon. Is there a time we can schedule with you?  We really appreciate all the time you make for us to watch the pup grow.” ...L.M.

”My husband and I purchased a 2 month old male puppy from Jon at the end of October 2000 and we couldn't be happier with our choice of pup or  breeder!  Prior to getting our puppy, we researched and met several breeders in the Denver metro area and were really impressed with Jon's dogs  and his breeding philosophy.  Jon let us come out to his house almost every weekend for 2 months and observe the puppies that he currently had.   He helped us decide which pup would suit us best and from the start, it was clear to us that he cared very much about who his pups went home with and how  they were treated by their new owners.   Jon was instrumental in helping us pick a puppy that would best fit our personalities and lifestyle.   We decided  to get a pup from the litter that his female, Seska, had with another breeder's champion show dog, McKinley (awarded Best of Breed by  the Colorado Kennel Club in February 2000).  Our dog, Niko, just turned  6 months old and is a beautiful and well-behaved dog.   His personality is wonderful (very playful and loving) and he is friendly to everyone that he meets, animals and humans alike.   We do instructor-led training sessions with him and he has learned nearly all of his commands and in general, listens  extremely well.   He is an extremely intelligent and loyal puppy and we are absolutely thrilled that he is part of our family.  Purchasing our  puppy from Jon was one of the best decisions that we ever made!

Hello Jon!
It's Bryce and Andrea. We wanted to send you some pictures of Casey - one of Seska's pups born on Feb. 23rd, 2000. Hopefully, you'll remember us. As you know, we moved to Las Vegas; but have finally permanently settled in the Boston, MA area.
Casey is the world's greatest family member!!! You were 100% right when you told us your pups were bred for loyalty and personality.  We haven't met anyone who hasn't marveled at her exceptional temperment.  Of course, that's a good thing, because she's a BIG 71 lb female. Trust us though, she loves children, cats...and as you'll see from the pictures...the ocean too! We're amazed by how much she loves the water.  We try to take her daily.


Hi Jon,
I thought I'd drop you a quick e-mail to let you know how Tristen is. He is doing great. He has become very protective of me. He still stays by my side wherever I go. He is quite beautiful. As soon as we stop working so much, Jerry will take some more pictures and I'll send you some. I love this animal very much and can't thank you enough for allowing me to purchase him from you. I swear this dog knows what I'm thinking. He weighs around 80 lbs. and still growing. We have to trade in his 24" collar for a larger one. This dog has the life of Riley. But he deserves it!!
Well, thanks again and I'll be sending you pics soon!!

Sorry we haven't contacted you in a while.  Diesel is incredible!  Everyone who sees him comments on how beautiful he is.  He is extremely well behaved, and very social...and his intelligence never fails to amaze me.  We often joke that we are forever spoiled by such a great companion.  Jon, thank you for such a great family member.  We will send photos. BC

Thank you so much for spending such a long time with us on Saturday. It was very, very helpful. Your dogs are so outstanding. They are physically beautiful and have such wonderful temperaments. I would have loved to have taken the female puppy home with me; just tuck her under my jacket. We did not select a puppy this weekend and are very interested in one from your next litter. I know that the timing of the next litter is indefinite, but Ed and I both admire your philosophy and feel we would receive strong guidance and support from you as followup. I will be sending a deposit to you later this week. Please keep us posted about the timing. Thanks again for being so generous with your time. We are still talking about how amazing it was to be surrounded by so many gorgeous happy German Shepherds.  KB

Thanks Everyone for the kind words.  There is nothing that pleases me more than to place my pups with such wonderful families.

CCS Health Tip!

Stinging Nettle might not be so easy to pick, although with the aid of thick gloves it is relatively simple, but it is certainly a plant that is worthwhile making the effort to collect. It has a high potassium and calcium content and is a rich source of chlorophyll. This alone makes it an ideal addition to the diet but as it is also used in medicines for rheumatism and arthritis as well as being useful for sprains and joints we should perhaps all look at our nettle patch with more affection in the future.

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