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12 Week old Seska pup

With every litter, we strive to maintain and ultimately improve type and temperament.

The stance of the German Shepherd makes the breed unique from all other breeds.

The extended hind leg showing the correct angle of the hock (ankle) and the flow of the top line (along the back) are among the AKC breed standards of the GSD.

The time I take with the puppies’ socialization makes an amazing difference in their personalities and adaptability.  From a very early age, each pup is given individual attention and play time inside the home.

Above all, we strive to breed healthy individuals with an unsurpassed temperament.

The intelligence of these pups are second to none making their crate training and house breaking a snap! The feedback from the previous adoptive families will attest to this.  

The result is a happy healthy puppy ready for their adoptive family and new home environment.

Please Fill Out Puppy Application as completely as possible to start the adoption process.

CCS Health Tip!

Parsley is perhaps the most widely used herb but it has many uses apart from cooking. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals and is mildly diuretic, so adding it to your dog or cat's diet will help to provide a good source of Vitamin C as well as aiding the digestion. Its’ mild diuretic action makes Parsley an excellent herb to cleanse the system and cool the blood. There are 37 varieties of the curly leaved Parsley but the compact Triple Moss Curled Parsley is reputed to have the highest medicinal value. Combined with other herbs Parsley is used in many medicines to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain, so it really is a most valuable plant and has the advantage of being easy to obtain.

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