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Canidae and Taste of the Wild are two Diets I approve of for German Shepherds.  I can supply almost any brand of pet food you prefer.  Ask me to add yours to my store.

SORRY... I Do Not Ship At This Time Unless Prearrangements Are Made.

How to Read Petfood Labels

CANIDAE Commitment to Pet Food Safety

Transitioning your dog to a new diet.

This is the ALL NEW All Life Stage Formula.
This Formula does contain some rice so it isnít Grain Free. 

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CCS Health Tip!

A part of your dog's diet should be raw meaty bones. Those raw bones with meat supply the bulk of your dog's dietary needs, including it's energy requirements, it's protein requirements, it's mineral requirements (and that includes all the calcium it needs), and if the meat and bones are derived from chickens, most of his essential fatty acid requirements.

Canines evolved by eating an all natural diet consisting of but not limited to meaty bones and the internal organs of herbivores. Their digestive system is designed to digest this diet not the dry concoctions of whatever is leftover on the vending plant floors and the enormous amount of fillers added to be profitable. When you donít take the time to learn how to read your dog food label of ingredients you risk your dogs health and vitality. Go to the Health and Info page to learn more about reading food labels.

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