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Reading Pet Food Labels

For years now people ask me about a certain food they are using. More than likely I have tried it, analyzed it, researched it or at the very least just read the label.  When I tell them how I feel about the food they are feeding their dogs they get very defensive and ready to bite my head off with, ”My Vet told me to feed this!”  I hate debating and feeling I have to justify my years in pet nutrition; so I won't.  My knowledge of nutrition is yours for the asking but do not ask me," What do you think of this food," and," This is what my breeder told me to feed."  I have fed an all natural diet for many years and Canidae comes as close to that as possible with over 80% Human Grade meat protein!  There are no dead and diseased animals or tumors and anything else scrapped off the processing plant's floor, Human Grade!   (Fill in one of the many Premium All Natural Premium Grain Free Pet Food Companies for Canidae) 

Byproducts = beaks, feet and feathers and anything else that can’t be sold.  Although canines do eat this in their natural diet it should not be the source of the protein. Byproducts are a very low grade protein and not considered meat.

 If chicken, turkey, or meat of any kind is the first ingredient on the label pass it by.  If it doesn’t say meal after the meat then it is at least 70% water.  This increases weight and will move the meat closer to the top of the list when in reality the percentage of meat is deceiving.

If corn, wheat, or soy is mentioned on the label throw it in the garbage.  One word; ALLERGIES!

There should be only one source of carbohydrates and I prefer brown rice if there is any grain at all. Please do not ask me if anything else is just as good. As far as I am concerned rice is the most efficient and least intrusive into the canines digestive system.  I prefer to feed No Grain Formula Canidae and add fresh cooked brown organic rice when extra carbs are needed.

Please no beet pulp, other grains, grain factions, or anything that sounds artificial. That rules out 95% of all the JUNK food out there. It kills me to bring my dog to Petsmart and see all the people carrying out Name Brand Food because their vet told them to feed it.  If you feed a Name Brand Food, read the label, then throw it away!

Please, no sprayed on rancid fat so your doggies love it!

Another very important point is that if your dog food does not include enzymes and probiotics added after the heating and extrusion process then you need to add this to their diet. If you don't you are inviting allergies, diarrhea, parasites, mal-absorption, pancreatic insufficiency, ear infections, as well as putting unnecessary stress on the immune system that can lead to more serious ailments.

Feed as much LIVE food as possible!  Fruits and vegetables finely chopped or pureed. Always feed raw meat and bone. 

If you want your pet to have a chance at a healthy liver and kidneys please add 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to their diet for many reasons.

If you feed Canidae products and supplement with raw foods including meat and bone you will most likely not have to ask me any nutrition questions. If you feed Name Brand Food other than a super premium diet like Canidae then you will have lots of questions for me. The first thing I will tell you is to switch to Canidae No Grain Formula before you do anything else. After you are feeding what the canine was meant to eat and you still have health problems then by all means I will do everything I can to help.

As always, these are just my humble opinions and do not replace the health care your vet recommends. This is what I do here at Crystal Creek.


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