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CANIDAE Commitment to Pet Food Safety

CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods was founded out of love for our own pets and animals. In today's environment, and as pet owners ourselves, we understand consumer concerns when it comes to the safety of the food we choose to feed our beloved family pets.

All CANIDAE products are made using only the finest human grade, natural ingredients, grown and raised in the United States and manufactured with the strictest testing and quality control procedures in place. Our production facilities already surpass future AAFCO and FDA standards. By meeting these newer pre-process and post-process monitoring guidelines with state of the art equipment and procedures, our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce a safer, higher quality product with specific procedures in place to assure the health and well being of your pet.

To assure the safety of our products, CANIDAE has strict protocols which require that all formulas are tested in-line during our production runs and cleared by a second supervisor every 30 minutes. Additionally, there are 141 ingredient tests and 10 finished product tests that are performed. A sample of each finished goods batch is also sent directly to our research and development center where they are tested again, this time by a third party lab, for known toxins and potential risk hazards including but not limited to:

Melamine -
Cyanuric Acid -
Salmonella -
Toxins -
Chemical Residuals -
Bacterial Toxins -

CANIDAE Pet Foods are safe. All CANIDAE products meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient profiles and are manufactured in USDA and FDA approved facilities. CANIDAE products consistently receive superior Silliker Good Manufacturing and Food Safety Audits scores of 95% or above. CANIDAE's manufacturing capabilities also include the U.S.D.A. Organic Certification.

CANIDAE is committed to providing the highest standard of excellence for nutritional benefit, palatability, product safety, and customer satisfaction. We understand the level of trust that you have come to expect from us and our products and it is our responsibility and commitment to deliver on that trust!

CANIDAE® All Natural Pet Foods - Goes Beyond Just Feeding Your Pet™


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