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GSDCA Breeder's Code

    In keeping with my dedication to further the betterment of the German Shepherd Dog Breed:


    1. To maintain the best possible standards of health and care in my kennels.

    2. To refuse to sell to or recommend unethical breeders and unethical dog wholesalers
    or retailers, nor to sell to any buyer where I have reason to believe that the puppy or dog will not be properly cared for.

    3. To keep and pass on to the buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding registration and pedigree records. Papers may be withheld or breeder's rights retained only by mutual agreement in writing.

    4. To clearly state to the buyer of puppies or adult dog, whether sale is of a showable or pet (as designated by bills of sale referred to in section 7) or other type.

    5. To urge all buyers to have a puppy or adult dog, sold by me, examined by a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of receipt. Said examination to be paid for by buyer as previously agreed.

    6. To deliver or ship only puppies or adult dogs of sound health and temperament. Where the buyer or his authorized representative did not personally see and choose the
    puppy or adult dog shipped by me, a period of 24 hours is granted to advise of the final decision and an additional 24 hours is provided if dog is to be returned.

    7. To use a sales contract or written agreement to cover any sale or purchase involving a dog. The sales contract offered by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc., which covers guarantees and agreements, or one similar to it, must be used with a signed copy to each party involved. A four (4) generation pedigree must be given by the seller to the buyer at time of sale. The buyer should be informed that a certified pedigree may be obtained from the American Kennel Club, for a fee.

    8. To refuse stud service to any bitch I consider in poor health. At time of breeding an exchange of pedigrees must be made.

    9. To allow one repeat stud service where a bitch has failed to conceive after being bred to one of my studs, if the stud is still in good health and available, and at such a time and place as mutually agreed by the owner of the bitch and myself.


    PET: companion animal purebred and A.K.C. registerable, that is sold as a pet with no warranty that the dog will be show quality or breeding stock.

    SHOWABLE: A puppy or adult that goes beyond and above the definition of a pet dog. This animal must be free of all disqualifying faults. This dog is in no way guaranteed
    to win in the show ring unless this is agreed to in writing in this contract at the time of execution. It is understood that with proper care on the part of the buyer, in due time
    the dog should be of acceptable temperament and structure and should embody the basic standard of the Breed.

    SHOW: An animal that has all the qualifications of showable plus being one that, with proper training, nutrition, environment, and proper handling, can and should win in the conformation ring. If there are any further guarantees they must be in writing.

CCS Behavior Tip!

The German Shepherd needs lots of love and attention.  You will earn his respect by giving him a job to do. This could mean anything from competition to obedience training. Bring him to as many places as you can because he is much better at your side than left at home. When a German Shepherd chooses you to bond to, consider yourself privledged. This bond will never break.

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