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Adoption Fees

     You might be wondering why I do not reveal the adoption fee for my pups.  The reason is that I want you to understand the value of a CCS Pup compared to other pups available on the Internet, through backyard breeders or irresponsible puppy mills. I have put together a reply e-mail when someone sends in an application to me. There is no obligation and it only takes a few minutes. The e-mail will answer most of your questions. Then you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on why you should seriously consider a CCS pup over all others.   Over the many years of breeding my dogs and answering a multitude of questions I tried to compile an e-mail that will answer most of them.  By reading the e-mail it will allow me more time to spend taking care of my dogs.

All puppy Vaccines are included less the rabies and a $10.00 fee on the third vaccine to cover basic costs.  Two rounds of de-worming is also included before you bring your pup home.  In addition, you have the option of bringing your pup here for basic training; I will personally support any training difficulties you might have for the life of your pup.   My many years of experience with the breed will also be very useful when you need advice on medical or nutritional concerns.

CCS Pups get a great start with all natural, Grain Free, dog food.  This is a super premium diet that will get your pup off to a great start.  I will also supply you with Grain Free dog food and other pet products that you will need at a great price. How do you put a value on a happy, healthy well socialized pup with a great stable temperament and a knowledgeable breeder to support you?

If you have submitted an application already, please be patient and I will send you the information you will need soon. There is usually a waiting list because our prices are very reasonable for the quality you receive. If you are still interested after receiving the information, we can schedule a time for a visit or answer your questions in more detail.

Part of my screening process is to see if the potential adoptive family is willing to fill out an application without knowledge of price.  This allows me to give my time to families that are seriously considering one of my pups.  Like I said, I am one of the lowest priced breeder's on the Internet with the best quality.  I breed as a hobby to produce my next show pup and not for financial independence.  If you are interested in an older dog let your application reflect that.  Check Crystal Creek's Facebook page for the latest videos.

If you are ready for the best pup you could ever wish for and a dog everyone you meet will wish they owned then here is the first step: 

                                                                     Puppy Application

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