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Some of the Past and Present Crystal Creek Girls

Colorado German Shepherd Mica

Crystal Creek’s Mica
Sampson x Troi


 Colorado German Shepherd Keyla

Marquis’ Showgirl ‘Keyla’
Bred By Doug & Liz Oster


CH Crystal Creek’s Confessor TC
Ronin x Trinity


Kenlyn’s Kajada V Crystal Creek
Tucker x Shelby


Crystal Creek’s Shiloh
Ronin x Keyla


Crystal Creek’s Vanishing Point
Ronin x Keyla


Crystal Creek’s Dust in the Wind


Crystal Creek Is Not A Puppy Mill!
The Well Being Of Our Dogs Come First

Crystal Creek Shepherds®
 Is a Signer of the German Shepherd
  Breeders Code Of Ethics.

CCS Health Tip!

As carnivores, our dogs are designed to cope with meat rather than the chlorophyll in plants; they can only make full use of leafy herbs if they are chopped very finely. It is this lack of ability to digest plants in their raw form which is the reason that carnivores will often obtain partly digested plant material by eating cow and horse dung and wild dogs and large cats will be seen eating the stomach of their prey with great relish! It may not be so appealing to us but this does explain the sometimes strange preferences that our domesticated animals still have for these tasty items. So make sure that you chop all herbs very finely before adding it to the feed.

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