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Please fill out this Puppy Application so you can be considered for a Crystal Creek Pup.
The information you provide will assist me in matching your family with the right puppy. Your information will remain private and is needed if you want to visit Crystal Creek or have any of your questions answered including Adoption Fee.  I will respond with answers to most of your questions when I receive a completed Application.  Thanks.

Are German Shepherds the Right Dog for You?

If you are not an adult of at least 18 years of age please do not fill out this application.

Remember to add to your email account if you want a reply!

Since changing hosting companies, I need to redesign my form so it will work properly. Please forgive the inconvenience.  Answer the form questions below in an email to and I will quickly send you more information on me and my incredible dogs!









What Activities would you like to do with your new pup:

Describe your family and who will interact with your pup:

Describe your home and where the pup will stay. Include outside area for pup and fencing provided:

Tell me about all your other animals that will interact with your pup:

State any other information you would like me to consider:

CCS Health Tip!

When taking your dog into an area that is inhabited by fleas and ticks rinse them down with ACV and water!  The little pests hate the acid environment! Use ACV in your dogs' food.

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